About us

FROZ is a Saudi brand specialized in the supply of various products of ice cream and frozen yogurt. Available in the Saudi market from 2013.
FROZ offers a different experience through self-service, in which the customer can make a cup of frozen yogurt or ice cream with many different options

Our mission

At FROZ, we objective to be a leader in offering high-quality ice cream and frozen yogurt through self -service and
have our serious and fast steps towards the great growth and diversity aiming at building a distinctive name in the Saudi market in particular and the Gulf in general.

Our vision

Customer satisfaction is the key to success. we objective making our products preferred the choice for the customer through the presence of
our branches in cities of the Kingdom and provide ice cream in a new and distinctive way.

FROZ Franchise

FROZ is looking for a group of investors and interested in the small and medium business world to obtain the commercial franchise for its brand “FROZ” at the local and international level

We are seeking FROZ franchises with local area knowledge, multi-unit or executive business experience, and Financial Stability.


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