Froz Frozen Yogurt

Froz is a sub of “Frozen” where we introduce Frozen Yogurt, and all types of Ice Cream. Froz is a Saudi trademark owned by (Froz United Corporation)

It established in Riyadh late of 2012 to be the headquarter of multi markets specialized in Iced products. Froz introduces a different experiment of self-service in which the customer can make his own Ice cream cup. Froz – multiple choices and assorted Add-ons of fresh fruit or others’ like chocolate .

As success means respecting customers, Froz is committed to present the products in a way and quality that satisfy its customers. We strive to meet all customers needs through all our branches, through our contribution of all types of customers’ celebrations or occasions, or through Ice cream cars supported with customer-specified quantity and quality with payment as your cup weighs, cookies and nuts add-ons. Froz specialty is in celebrations and occasions.

Froz (Make your own pleasure cup)

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